Forum Contest: Win a free cell phone plan for 1-year!

highlifeWe’ve decided to hold another contest and in our minds it tops last months “Free cell phone of Choice” giveaway.

This contest goes until April 15th and it’s a BIGGIE!
The prize… a free cell phone plan for 1-year… to a max of one sweet grand ($1,000)! If you win this it’s kinda like you’re living the high life!

We figured that a basic monthly voice plan is about $30 and if you include a $45 monthly Data plan, the total comes to about $900 a year… so we rounded up and are throwing in an extra $100 for good luck!

All you have to do is become an active member of our Forum and join the Canadian mobile conversation! (If you are a current member your name is already included in the contest).

Inform your friends and colleagues about the contest and the forum – the more people that get involved the greater our conversations will be! So go ahead – Join the conversation today at MobileSyrup.com/forum

Good luck!