DNCL Survey: 80% “receiving noticeable fewer calls”

do-not-call-me-telemarketerThere is a new report out regarding the CRTC’s National Do Not Call List that I personally find shocking. The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association says 80% of people who registered are now receiving fewer unwanted calls.

The DNCL officially launched September 30th, 2008, and over 2.7 million Canadians registered within the first couple weeks. The DNCL is now over 6 million. A few weeks after the launch, President Bruce Cran of the Consumers’ Association of Canada says boldly stated that the DNCL is “a travesty. Here we have all these people thinking they were getting rid of incoming phone calls. Anyone who is registered should suspect their phone number is being broadcast to the four winds. The problem is that the CRTC sells the registry list online and specifically in Toronto, you can get 600,000 names for $50″.

However, in this new survey of over 2,000 Canadians, Brendan Wycks of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association said, “What our survey found was the do-not-call list is benefiting the great majority of those who registered a number on the list. Fully eight in 10 say that since they registered a number they are receiving noticeable fewer calls”

The survey says:
– 50% say they are receiving noticeably fewer or far fewer telemarketing calls
– 20% are receiving slightly fewer calls
– 10% are receiving no telemarketing calls at all

Where I come into differ on this survey is that I on average get 2 calls per day from some “Car Warranty expiring” or that I have “Won a free Vacation Getaway”. Before I registered last September, I can confidently say that I never received calls like this, and in this volume. Occasionally I did receive the credit card offers, but nothing to this extent.

Wycks goes on to say that “there’s a small but not insignificant minority, 13 per cent to be precise, that say they are receiving more calls since they registered with the do-not-call list,”

Unfortunately, I guess I’m part of the “small but not insignificant minority, 13 per cent”.
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Source: CTV