Koodo Mobile “Spin the Wheel of Savings”

koodo-spin-the-wheel-jackpotIn the constant effort to give us Canadians a throw back to the 1980’s, Koodo has changed their marketing this Spring and focused on a Wheel of Fortune type viral initiative called “Wheel of Savings”.

If you go to the Koodo Mobile website you’ll see on the homepage a whacked out guy begging you to spin the wheel Once you do you will get a creative name, something like “blabberific”, “planticipation”, “bigbillification”, “koodoliminate”, “koodophoria”, “contracphobia”, “textalation”… etc. Plus there are kinda bonus spins just like the actual game, but in the Koodo Spin the Wheel you get a free spin, Jackpot.

The end results is basically leading you towards the rate plans, phones and free screensavers. Nothing is really new, just a great way to get the brand out there. In all seriousness, we hear a new device is coming very soon… something like the Samsung Slyde which is right in line with their talk and text initiatives.

Bring on a new phone Koodo!!