Women Unite! “If you shrink it and pink it, it’s not enough”

I just finished reading this article in the Globe & Mail written by Sheryle Steinberg with a creative title “Smartphones for women: Pink is not enough”. The whole basis behind the story is how simply turning a device pink, or making it flip is not good enough and that majority of the devices out there are targeted to men.

Examples are the recent touchscreen devices such as iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm. Although some applications are targeted to women, the touchscreens are making it a challenge for us due to our fingernails. This is a big concern especially with SurePress on the Storm (Our fingernails crack).

Roberta Cozza, an analyst with Gartner Group said “Most of the vendors really are missing an opportunity,” Cozza says, referring to the fact that women are major consumers of mobile phones (the accepted industry stat is that women influence 89 per cent of consumer electronic purchases). It is a shame that the market is so much more oriented in design for a male audience.”