Fido starts selling “Refreshed” iPhones

rogers-iphone-3g-canada-fidoIt was not too long ago that we let you know that Fido was going to start to deplete their stock of iPhone 3G 16GB models. Now it seems they are simply looking to clear house and you might be in luck to get yourself a discounted iPhone…

We now understand that Fido has started to offer “Refreshed” phones. These “refreshed” are iPhone’s that were purchased and returned within the 15 day return/exchange window. Thanks to “dirtyj” in our Forum, he says “Don’t get these confused with refurbished… THEY ARE NOT REFURBISHED. Refurbished iPhones are ones that are rebuilt with parts from Apple and these refreshed phones are not rebuilt at all.”

“Refreshed” iPhones only receive 6 months of warranty and can only be purchased by being an exhisting Fido customer. In addition, you must currently be on a price plan dated before November 4th, 2008 or on a retention/loyalty plan.

These refreshed iPhones are available the following pricing:
8GB on 3-year term: $149
16GB on 3-year term: $249

How much is this actually saving you? $50 off each model… plus a new iPhone comes with a 12 month warranty. Will you go for the 50 bucks of savings, or possibly wait for an official price drop?

Thanks dirtyj!