iPhone better for business than BlackBerry?

apple-iphone-canada-rogers-macworld - MobileSyrup.comThe iPhone has made mobile phones very cool and has connected with majority of the consumer market. However, Ted Schadler of Forrester Research suggests in his latest report that organizations take a second look at Apple’s device and consider offering it to their employees.

In the report, “Making iPhone Work In The Enterprise: Early Lessons Learned”, Schadler states that the big iPhone lessons are: It’s more than just another device; it drives business culture change; it gives employees freedom to choose their own tools; and it changes the support model to self-service.

Amylin Pharmaceutical, Kraft Foods and Oracle all use the iPhone over BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices. Some examples of the ese of use for the iPhone are its intuitiveness and using the Safari browser. Shadler said that on other devices using the web is a “chore”. Senior IT director Todd Stewart describes iPhones as being easier to support than “other mobile platforms”.

I find it kind of ironic that he states in his report to consider the iPhone, but in closing he basically states stick with your BlackBerry for your e-mails and calendar: “But the real payoff of iPhone and similar mobile Internet devices is that it is a new platform for delivering content and collaboration applications to an increasingly mobile workforce”… “We find the BlackBerry better for email and calendaring and the iPhone better for everything else”

Via: AppleInsider & IntoMobile