Virgin’s “Screw You Recession” e-cards makes Hallmark cringe

virginecardsI’ve got to say that Virgin has always been one of those companies that seems to have fun. Always telling people how it really is, putting on great events (V-Fest) and coming up with classy ways to get noticed.

We have written about the “Screw You Recession” a number of times, but now they’ve capped everything off by coming up with some free -e-cards/coupons. These are truly classic and ones you should consider sending. Blunt, in-your-face funny. Virgin says “Gifts are expensive. Instead, show someone you’re hot for them with one of our free E-Cards. Nothing says “I care” quite like not paying to send an E-Card… Send away to your friends, enemies, frenemies, and booty calls”.

There are 12 cards in total and Hallmark would be proud of these ones: One Free 2-Night Stand, One Free Ride, One Free Booty Call (To My Booty), One Free Date (As Long As You Pay) .

Check them out here