TNS study shows Canadians more positive and want better cell plans

bobanddoug1The latest study by TNS Canadian Facts shows that regardless of the current economy, us Canadians actually are more positive than negative. It could be that we tend to take a bit longer to make our minds up, but their stats show that 39% of us are neutral about the current state and 37% are moderately negative.

Rhonda Grunier, VP of TNS said “One of the consequences of the prolonged economic downturn is that consumers have made reductions and shifts in their purchasing patterns. More specifically, while Canadians have experienced a measure of success in cutting some expenses, particularly in the areas of discretionary spending, it is evident that they are still looking for additional savings. Top priorities for future savings are most noted in the areas of banking fees, TV and cellphone subscriptions.”

The survey was conducted online between March 5 and 16, 2009 of 1,455 “randomly selected” Canadians.

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