Speak Out Wireless to release low cost Nokia 1661

speakoutjune2009It’s always good to scale it back a few notches and remember the basics. For the 30% of Canadians that do not have a cellphone, you’ll be incredibly thrilled to know that a very basic device is making its way over to your local Speak Out Wireless 7Eleven locations.

The Nokia 1661 will be added to their line-up this in June at the reasonable cost of $59.00 outright and don’t need to sign a contract. This will come ready out of the box as no activation is needed. You’ll get 20 minutes of start-up time (If you do want to add minutes it will cost you as low as $0.20 per minute and $0.05 for each text message). In addition, with all Speak Out devices you’ll get free voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, Three-way calling and pay no system Access Fee.

nokia1661This is truly a basic entry phone that was probably popular in the early 1990’s. But hey, there is a home for every phone. The Nokia 1661 has dimensions of 108 x 45 x 13.55 mm and weighs a light 82 grams. The screen is a tolerable 1.8 inches (resolution of 128 x 160 pixels) and the one main feature is that it has an FM radio. This also comes with the regular phone details such as contacts, calendar, tip calculator, alarm etc… it will be available in Black.

Start lining up.