TELUS BlackBerry Tour to launch July 15th

telusbbtourimagesIt was only last week that we saw the TELUS BlackBerry Tour 9630 appear on their website… and now we have a number of slides appear with pricing and a launch date of July 15th.

Thanks to the fine work of RileyFreeman and “pirate” for  revealing the upcoming pricing for the much leaked Tour 9630 will be as follows: 3-year promotional price will be $249.99; 2-year $549.99; 1-year $599.99 and no contract $649.99. With a month away from a Canadian release… what are your thoughts on the pricing?

Some keys specs on the internal document shows similar to the Bell version specs we saw a couple weeks back. With that said, Bell will most likely follow suit and launch around the same date.

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