SaskTel releases the Palm Centro

sasktel-centroWith the anticipation of the Palm Pre coming to Canada (the 2nd country in the world to get this beast of a device) SaskTel has just released a throwback and announced the availability of the almost now outdated Palm Centro to their line-up.

This is available in Midnight Black on the following Voice and Data plans: 3-year Contract: $249.00; 2-Year contract $340.00; 1-Year Contract: $440.00 and Monthly for $490.00.

According to the SaskTel description of the Centro: “Stay connected while using a compact trendy device with a Palm Operating System. The stylish Palm Centro can help you manage email and text messaging, keep track of schedules, stay up-to-date on the latest news, capture and share pictures all in one small smartphone. It’s full QWERTY keyboard with comfortable gel-soft keys makes typing complete messages fast and easy.”

The specs of the Centro are 119 grams with dimensions of 107 x 54 x 18.5 mm (smaller than previous Palm devices). It has full QWERTY keyboard (stylis for the touchscreen), 1.3 mega pixel camera with video capabilities, email, text, phone and Instant messenger, MP3 player and can hold up to extra 4GB of memory.

More here at SaskTel