Rogers pays Apple $780 each for the 32GB iPhone 3G S

iphoen-3GSJust looking over the fine print from yesterday that shows all the pricing Rogers / Fido is offering us Canadians when it comes to buying an iPhone.

If I am reading between the lines correctly it shows the price that Rogers pays for Apple for the rights for each iPhone. This being only $19 less that they sell it to their dealers:

“For customers who don’t qualify for these extra savings, we are pleased to offer Rogers Wireless customers the iPhone at our cost on rogers.com. This cost – $580 for the iPhone 3G, $680 for the iPhone 3G S 16GB and $780 for the iPhone 3G S 32GB – represents the price we pay for the device plus a nominal fee for the SIM card. Customers can access these devices at retail locations for just $19 more for the three devices.”

With this said, it’s understood that they really make their money from Voice and Data over the length of the customer contract. Share your thoughts in our forum here