BlackBerry App World grows to 2,000 apps

appworldRIM launched the BlackBerry App World on April 1st and they are just crossing about to cross the 2,000 apps mark. Originally launched to those located in US, Canada and UK, the App World will be available later this month to BlackBerry users in Italy, France, Germany and Spain (Brazil and India to follow soon after).

Jeff McDowell, vice president of global alliances, said that RIM is “very happy” with the number of available apps and also stated “I don’t think it matters whether it’s 40,000 or 2,000, you’ve still got a broad range of choice”.

Some possible reasons for the lack of apps could be the cost. From the beginning RIM wanted relevancy when it comes to the apps allowed in the App World. Plus, another factor could be the price points. The minimum price for paid apps to $3.69 ($2.99 USD) and has 9 tiered prices that sees the most expensive being $12.25 ($9.99 USD)… a great deal different that the Apple AppStore where the minimum is $0.99.

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