Google patents “Ringback Advertising”


Google recently launched Google Voice and it seems that they are looking for ways to monetize this as they have filed a patent with the United States Patent Office called “Ringback Advertising”.

The official description says “Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, in which an indication of a telephone call being placed from a calling number is received, and a determination is made of an audio advertisement to play based on the calling number. The audio advertisement is played based on the determination.”

The patent describes that the ads can be heard at three unique occasions: when the caller is dialing, when the call is suspended via call waiting, and when the call is placed on hold. It even digs down deeper as similar to their current advertising  structure the ads can be targeted based on location. But what is more interesting is the ads can be targeted based personal information and interests.

I can see how Google would want to find new sources of advertising, especially as there are going more into the wireless world. With the CRTC bringing the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) into effect I’m not sure how easily this will be to implement in Canada.

Check out the patent here

Via: Unwired View