Best Buy has unreleased Touch Pro2 available for $249.99

telus-bb-touch-pro2Earlier in the week we saw our buddies over at Best Buy put the unreleased HTC Snap online for a smashing price of $29.99. Today they have one-upped themselves and helped the TELUS leakage continue.

The HTC Touch Pro2 is yet to be released by TELUS, but this hasn’t stopped Best Buy from putting this as “This product is only available in-store”! The price plans they show are the 3-year contract for $249.99 and the outright price for $649.99.

In addition, what’s completely odd is the image they provide, looks almost square like in shape. We’ve played with this over the past week and can confirm that it looks nothing like that. Anyway, hopefully TELUS will release this soon.

More here at Best Buy