Motorola launches MOTODEV Android Developer Program

motodev-androidMotorola has been somewhat absent with devices over the past number of months. We’ve really only heard about the massive amounts of layoffs or huge salary packages the execs are receiving.

To hopefully regain some of the glory they once had, rumours have circulated over the past year that they’ll be releasing devices with Google’s Android platform. Good news for developers as Motorola announced the launch of advanced Android development resources through MOTODEV (their development program). There are a couple key parts to the initiative: a new App Accelerator Program and MOTODEV Studio for Android Beta.

Motorola stated in their press release that these will “offer developers early access to a new suite of Google Android developer tools and programs, along with the opportunity to attend the next MOTODEV Summit in San Diego, CA, on October 6, for advanced training and information-gathering. The program is intended to accelerate the development of applications to be used on Motorola’s mobile devices using the Android operating system scheduled to ship later this year.”

In addition, they’ll give select developers who join the App Accelerator Program the newest handsets, technical specs, direct access to Motorola’s developer support engineers (via Forum only), the ability to submit their apps to Motorola, and have the opportunity to distribute their apps through carrier stores, the Android Market and third-party distributors.

The “MOTODEV Studio for Android Beta” initiative will give developers “design and development tools; handset emulators and virtual testing labs; intuitive interfaces for deploying applications; application creation wizards and frequently used code templates; and access to marketing and distribution channels.”

No word on when us Canadians are targeted to get an Android device. Motorola stated they will be launching at least one in Q4 of this year and images Motorola Calgary has popped up online. For some reason this does not have the same hype as other developer programs. Check out the very corporate low-budget videos that Motorola created to get you excited to join:

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