Apple to sell over 80 million iPhone’s by 2012?

apple-2012There is a new report out by Mike Abramsky, analyst with RBC Capital Markets who is predicting by 2012 Apple will have 16.3% smartphone-specific market share and total iPhone sales of 82.1 million.

Abramsky said “Despite the iPhone’s introduction more than two years ago, competitors continue to lag iPhone’s sleek touchscreen experience, robust third-party applications platform, and tight multimedia integration. Off the strength of its brand, innovation, and customer loyalty, Apple is expected to retain its premium carrier subsidy versus competitors, sustaining above-peer margins for its smartphones. We believe Apple will sustain its lead in content, games, and apps, which we expect to expand to include mobile commerce, user-generated content, advanced gaming, etc.”

Hopefully when Bell and Telus bring on the iPhone in the coming months they will help hit those numbers!

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Via: IntoMobile