Braille Concept Phone certainly something to consider

braille-phone1About a month ago the CRTC mandated wireless organizations to have at least one type of cellphone in their lineup by October 21, 2009 that serves “the needs of people who are blind and/or have moderate-to-severe mobility or cognitive disabilities”.

Majority of the carriers do carry a device that caters to these needs, but there is a concept device that has popped up that just won a Red Dot Awards and was designed by Seonkeun Park that specifically helps out the blind. The phone looks like a TV remote control and the concept is that this device is able to produce Braille code by using Electric Active Plastic to make it usable for visually handicapped people.

The Braille gives letter blocks in two by three dot matrixes area and displays info similar to a standard screen on a mobile so that visually impaired people can read messages, and make and receive calls by touching it.

Hopefully this exits concept to actual availability.

Via: Tuvie