Rogers to launch new Mobile internet portal soon

rogersportalimageFrom looking through the new URMagazine it shows that Rogers is going to be launching a new mobile internet portal soon, this is much needed and would also fit well with their recent website redesign.

As they put it “Upgrades, Upgrades Upgrades” are coming in 3 areas: Improved Navigation, One-stop Shop and Self Service for your wireless account.

Of course to surf the new portal you’ll have to get a data plan –  from reading it nothing seems to be dramatically different, for the “Improved Navigation” you’ll be able to access top sites, content and they’ll be serving up free access to headlines previews of the latest news, finance and celeb gossip all from the homepage (streaming and search seems to be powered by Yahoo! oneSearch). The “One-stop Shop”is another free service and you can browse (and possibly purchase) ringtones, games etc.  The “Self Service” area is where you can check on your account for airtime usage, data usage and also pay your balance.

Still no word on when this is officially launching as it’s only at the “coming soon” stage.