MyScreen trial shows 79% would prefer seeing a full-screen mobile ad

20090827-pepsi300Toronto-based MyScreen has completed a trial with Turkish mobile operator Turkcell called “TiklaKazan”. MyScreen offers permission and incentive-based advertising for your mobile phone. It allows you to subscribe and be compensated for the advertising (images, text or video) that shows up on your mobile phone.

In this trial period 100 advertisements from global and Turkish brands participated where the ads were shown to Turkcell customers to see if mobile advertising works. Results of the trial showed 82% of subscribers confirming they would recommend MyScreen to a friend, 79% would prefer to see a full-screen ad at the end of call, as opposed to receiving an SMS or MMS.

Melis Turkmen, head of Mobile Marketing & Advertising Division said “We are very pleased with the initial trial experience with MyScreen. Turkcell’s mobile advertising and marketing knowledge/ecosystem and Myscreen’s entrepreneurship/technology have shown us the pros and cons for delivering the best application based mobile advertising service for our subscribers”.