Globalive closes “WirelessSoapbox” to focus solely on WIND Mobile

wireless-soapboxIt was just about 1-year ago that Gobalive launched Wireless Soapbox and Chairman Tony Lacavera stated “Canadians lack choice. There’s a reason we had in auction in this country. Our prices are too high, penetration is too low and services are lagging behind all developed nations. Canadians pay an average of 60% more for mobile wireless services than Americans. We think WirelessSoapbox.com is going to give us lots of insight into what Canadians are really looking for, what are their priorities, what kinds of services and features they want, and what kind of plans they want to see.”

WIND Mobile, formally Globalive, is set to come into the Canadian wireless scene by the end of the year. On their Twitter page they state that “WirelessSoapbox closes today…Join the conversation at WIND mobile”.

They are most likely doing this so there’s no brand confusion in the market. We just hope they give us what we want: low monthly rates, great devices and great service.