Skype for iPhone finally available in Canada

skype_on_iphoneIt’s been a long haul for us Canadians who have an iPhone and wanted to use Skype. Good news as the app the free app is now available in the AppStore!(Get the App here with the iTune link)

The reason for the Skype app delay was due to a licensing issue and how the iPhone plays sound, specifically a territorial restriction on an audio codec (a program for compressing data). Tom Yeung, Skype’s director of market development for the Americas said “Unfortunately Canada was not part of the allowed geography at the time, but that’s been taken care of”.

All that specific tech talk is way beyond me… I just want to make free calls! Skype says that “Sign into Skype via 3G, WiFi, GPRS or Edge and see who is online – then instant message them whenever, and wherever the mood strikes”.  To use it you’ll have to be connected to the web through a WiFi network and then you can make as many calls as your Canadian heart desires!

Via: CBC & IntoMobile