Virgin increasing outgoing text rates & Directory Assistance November 3rd

white-virgin-samsung-linkComing off the latest announcements of increasing Web Browsing prices, Virgin is set to increase their outgoing text message rates effective November 3rd. So if you are not on a text plan this gives you enough time to consider one.

On their site they state “Virgin to Virgin text rate will change to 15¢ from 5¢ for each outgoing text. If you’re on a text add-on, these texts are free (if you haven’t gone over the number of texts included in your add-on). If you’re a big time texter, then check out one of our awesome rate plans with text included or one of our text add-ons! And remember that all incoming texts are free.”

In addition to this increase, Virgin will also be increasing the Directory Assistance price from $1.25, to $2.00 per call.

More here at Virgin
Thanks Rajan!