eBay made $400 million since launching iPhone app

iphone-ebayHere’s an interesting statistic for the day: eBay launched their iPhone app a couple years ago and it has generated a staggering $400 million (USD)… last week alone someone bought a $350,000 Lamborghini and a $150,000 boat from their iPhone.

At the Shop.org annual summit in Las Vegas, John Donahoe President & CEO, said “Mobile devices will play a role and the notion of mobility will have a huge impact on ecommerce”. Donahoe said that iPhones currently account for 8% of the market, but makes up 40% of Internet usage.

Donahoe stated that devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry (not the Pre) are already changing consumers’ shopping habits and believes that in a couple years 40% of Internet access will happen on your mobile device.

Donahoe also believes that mobile payments are the future, “people are just not comfortable providing their credit card information over the Internet. The online payments world will soon mirror the offline. It is all about convenience and speed and mobile payments and micro payments will help bring that 5 percent to 10 percent.”

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