BabyNames puts iPhone app at $4.99?

babynamesappAlthough there are several free apps that help you find a great name for your newborn, BabayNames.com has decided to charge users an introductory price of $4.99 (USD) for the use of their baby name finder app.

The description is as follows “A new iPhone application from BabyNames.com allows you to search and save baby names on the go. Whether you want to save that great name you heard at the playground or need to take your list of front-runners to the hospital, the application gives you access to BabyNames.com’s database of over 15,000 names anytime, anywhere.” The app also lets you try out first and middle names with your last name and includes a random name generator.

Perhaps it’s best to get those free apps and spend your $5 at Chapters getting a Starbucks and reading a few books.

Get the app here (iTunes link)
Via: IntoMobile