Samsung’s new site helps you “find the right mobile phone”

samsung-canada-mobileRather than just simply giving your the specs and features, Samsung Canada has launched a new site that’s dedicated to makes it easier to “find the right mobile phone”.

What’s pretty cool about the site is that there are several areas where you’re in control of what Samsung devices you want to check out. You can view the entire gallery and get a brief description of what makes each device unique, such as style, touch, WiFo,  colour and what carrier has it available. Once you find a mobile device you like, simply click on it to learn more. For example, if I click on the Omnia it’ll give me images with greater description with all the specs and features, plus video reviews. What’s even better is that when you scroll over the main image there are “hot spots” that give more insight into what the device can offer you.

Where the interactiveness comes into play is the “Find My Mobile” section. You can choose a category such as Design, Carrier, Hands-Free, Messaging, Productivity, Entertainment, Camera, Internet and High-Tech. If you select one of these it’ll ask you a specific question such as “How do you stay in touch?”… and based on your feedback help you choose a Samsung device. In addition, you can drag and drop up to 3 devices and compare the specs and features.

The English version has been launched but from what we’ve hear the French version will be available next week. Check it out here at www.samsung.com/mobile