Bell to introduce “Astus Pico Asset Tracking Solution” October 5th

astusSeems like all the carriers are jumping on board the “Lone or Remote Workers” banwagon. Last month Rogers put a solution together and starting October 5th, Bell will start to offer the “Astus Pico Asset Tracking Solution”.

So what is this exactly? Well, for $25 a month (with a one-time $25 activation fee) the Astus Pico allows you to track BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones in real-time and generate usage and movement reports. This mainly for tracking fleet while they are on the go… and also ensuring your employees are safe.

Big Brother will be watching your every move! Here are some more specs of this offering:

Work Alone Ready:
Designed for Lone or Remote Workers, Astus provides Immobility sensing (through device G-sensor) and Panic Button functionality, which immediately pinpoints worker location and alerts dispatch and EMS for emergency assistance. This enhances security and speed of response in situations where personnel may not be in a position to describe the type of help needed.

Astus Pico offers schedule dictation for auto-initiation and shut-down of the Astus Pico application. Auto-initiation/Shut-down can also be dictated by use of the G-sensor to place itself in stand-by mode if movement isn’t detected over a set period of time.

Astus Pico offers various historical information reporting capabilities.

Take advantage of Astus Software high performance to trigger alarms if the smartphone is taken inside or outside a geographical territory on a certain day or week