Bell and TELUS to launch iPhone 3GS in November?

iphoen-3GSWith Bell coming out and stating that they will be launching their HSPA network, the Globe has taken it a step further to announce they will also launch the beloved Apple iPhone at the same time.

Globe reporter Simon Avery stated “Bell Canada and Telus Corp. will begin selling the iPhone next month, breaking the stranglehold on the device that their rival Rogers Communications Inc. has held for more than a year…Neither Bell nor Telus would confirm that they would add the iPhone to their lineups. Apple also declined to comment. But people familiar with the matter said the two carriers would announce a working partnership with Apple as early as Tuesday or Wednesday and begin selling the device in time for the launch of their new network.”

There will be many new devices that Bell will be launching. Apart from the iPhone we’ve heard about the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Blackberry Bold 9000, BlackBerry 8530, Nokia N97, Nokia 2730, Nokia 6350, LG Xenon, Samsung T746, Novatel HSPA Turbo Stick, Samsung Omnia 2

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