Rhapsody has “no firm plans to go to Canada”; Pete Wentz loves the “I Am T-Pain” iPhone app

billboardOver the past couple days I’ve been absorbing all the mobile happenings in San Diego. It’s honestly amazing how integrated the mobile phone has become in the United States (and worldwide).

I believe with all our new Canadian wireless networks being built out and the new entrants that our adoption rate and dependency will bolster to about 85% in a couple years. Currently around high 60% penetration in Canada.

Today is when the actual CTIA show starts with all the exhibitors and presentations. Yesterday there was “Billboard’s Mobile Entertainment Live!” event. This was all about how devices and apps are changing the ways the music industry/bands promote and profit.

A couple quick videos to show you. The first is with Neil Smith, VP of Business Management for Rhapsody. I asked him if the on-demand streaming music service will come to Canada (their iPhone app is pretty cool). In response he stated “Bottom line, no firm plans to go to Canada. No timing on when their might be firm plans to come to Canada.. Sorry.”

Next vid is of Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. He talked about the adoption of new media and how to create a great fan base. He uses a BlackBerry and has the ĂśberTwitter app installed. Plus, loves the “I Am T-Pain” auto-Tune iPhone App.