Opera Mini delivers “500 million page views per day”

operaOpera Mini is a free app that gives your mobile device one of the world’s most powerful and popular internet browsers. It actually accounts for over 25% of the global Internet traffic with more than 32 million people using it.

MobileCrunch got the inside scoop on interesting usage statistics that Opera will be releasing tomorrow. The stats below just shows how much the internet is being used on a mobile device… if it’s checking Facebook, searching Google, checking sports or getting directions… the mobile internet is getting more popular every second.

Here are tomorrow’s stats:

  • In September of 2008, the Opera Mini client was pushing around 150 million page views per day. In the past year, this number has jumped over over 233 percent, all the way up to 500 million page views per day.
  • In September of ‘08, their active user count was hovering around 19 million active users; today, they’re at 32 million.
  • One of Opera Mini’s driving features is compression; rather than pushing content directly to your handset, it first takes a trip through Opera Mini’s servers where extraneous data is stripped, and content is compressed down to a more mobile-friendly handset. The Opera Mini servers are currently compressing pages by up to 90%, with the average user pulling down just 6 MB of data per month to their handset. This works out to faster page loads — and for some people, less money spent. By Opera’s count, they’re saving users on pay-as-you-go data plans (who can pay up to $1 per MB) an average of $54 per month in data usage fees.

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