Video Review: TELUS LG BL40 “New Chocolate” (Part 1)

When TELUS launches their new HSPA network in November, one of their hottest and most sought after devices will be the LG BL40, otherwise known as the “New Chocolate”.

We got our hands on the unreleased BL40 and when compared to previous “Chocolate” devices this simply blows them all away – there currently is no comparison in LG’s entire lineup that matches the style, design and ease of us.

As part of there Black Label series, you’ll first notice its form factor and wonder how long it is and how awkward it would be to carry around. You can be rest assured that this feels very comfortable in the hand and incredibly light. Overall dimensions are 128 x 51 x 10.9 mm. To put this into perspective, the Apple iPhone is 115.5 mm x 62.1 mm x 12.3 mm. So the BL40 is only 12.5mm longer in length, but comes in thinner. When it comes to weight, the New Chocolate is 129 grams while the iPhone is 135 grams.

The main reason for the unique length is because the BL40 has a glorious 4-inch capacitive touchscreen (resolution of 345 x 800 pixels). With a 21:9 aspect ratio watching videos/movies on this makes it an impressive experience – you get sucked into the screen as it uses every pixel to highest capabilities. In the video you’ll see how the quality it produces, both in vividness and sound. In addition, similar to other LG devices such as the Secret, the BL40 has tempered glass so your screen won’t scratch.

Around the device there are several buttons/ports. These are well designed and well placed… The top front of the BL40 is where the speaker, video call (front facing) camera and proximity sensor are located. On the left hand side you have quick access to your music and a micro USB for charging and data port. On the top, now surrounded by an elegant red colour, is a 3.5 mm headset jack with a power on/off and lock button. The right hand side is your volume rocker and camera button. The bottom of the device is (also in the red colour) has a small microphone whole. The back you’ll find a 5.0 megapixel camera with a Schneider-KREZUZNACH lens, LED flash and an additional microphone when taking videos. Under the back cover is where the SIM card and microSD card (can hold up to 32GB) is located. Also, this has a Li – Ion, 1000 mAh battery.

Since this is a touchscreen and the device is very glossy you’ll notice it does catch some fingerprints, so make sure you have a cloth with you to wipe them away.

Overall, really impressed with the design of the New Chocolate. It has a stunning “upper class” feel and look. In our next review we’ll go into more detail about new S-Class UI, check out the e-mail and its dual-screen feature, camera, video capabilities, widgets, internet (WiFi), music player, the gesture features and the one-touch copy and paste ability.

More soon!