Ontario ban of cellphone use while driving starts today!

Ontario bans with cellphone use while drivingBill 118, “Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act” is now law on Ontario. This bans the use of hand-held devices while driving.

As we let you know earlier, the new law makes it illegal for drivers to talk, text, type, dial or e−mail using hand−held cellphones and other hand−held communications and entertainment devices.

The police will be out in full force today doing an “enforcement blitz” aimed to remind motorists of the new law. Until February 1st, If you are caught you’re only going to get a warning, however after this date you’ll be fined up to $500 violating the ban.

The exceptions to the ban are Police, paramedics and firefighters and drivers in an emergency situations can call 9−1−1 only.

If you don’t already have a Bluetooth headset or one installed in your car… make sure you have on your to-do list today to get one. Or simply don’t use your phone while driving.