Win $5,000 in Virgin’s “National Fearless Day” contest

national-fearless-dayWe let you know earlier in the week that Virgin was gearing up for their own self proclaimed “November 19th is National Fearless Day”.

A dedicated site has been created with more info. Virgin says that National Fearless Day is “The Thanksgiving of bravery. The Canada Day of courage. The Valentine’s Day of kicking ass. This is the day where you stand up, take charge, and do something you’ve always been afraid of just to just prove that you can.”

Virgin is offering up $5,000 to tell us Canadians what you did that was fearless. All you have to do is upload a 1-minute video and others will vote. The top 3 vote getters will then do a series of challenges on November 19th and compete for the $5k and also get to meet Sir Richard Branson!

Good luck! Be fearless…
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