TELUS on the iPhone: “will not be available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan at launch”

no-iphone-mb-skThe Apple iPhone is one of many new devices coming to TELUS when they launch their new network on November 5th. A large number of customers are looking forward to picking one of the models, either the 3G or 3GS version.

Unfortunately for those who live in Manitoba or Saskatchewan you will have to pick something else up as TELUS stated through an e-mail to customers who signed up to be updated with iPhone info that “Thank you for signing up for more information about the iPhone from TELUS. Unfortunately, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will not be available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan at launch.”

We’ve reached out to TELUS and as the HSPA network is still being built-out, those who live in the Manitoba or Saskatchewan are (and North West Territories) will have access to their CDMA lineup… and in the future will have HSPA devices available to them.

Via: IntoMobile