WIND Mobile CEO says “We are not deterred”

kenWith the news that shocked the Canadian wireless world that the CRTC found Globalive (Wind Mobile) “does not meet Canadian ownership rules”… which will delay their launch, Ken Campbell has written a post on their website.

Titled “Competition Will Come” he states “We face a disappointing decision by the CRTC, one which has serious implications for competition in Canada. Since this journey began, the support from our community members has inspired me, and will continue to motivate all of us at WIND as we pursue all options to bring change to the wireless industry in Canada.

We are not deterred. We are exploring different paths. And with your support and voice, we will find a way…We’re determined. We have built a strong network and a great team of more than 500 people. We are ready to bring competition. In the coming days we will be evaluating what options we have. The Canadian consumer took a hit yesterday, but competition will come.”

More here at WIND

What are your thoughts on this… do you believe Globalive should have been given the green light? What options do you think they will take?