Virgin says WTF is with the Rogers GRRF fee?

virgingffrRogers recently removed the System Access Fees and introduced the “Government Regulatory Recovery Fee” (GRRF) and off all companies to respond it’s Bell’s sub-brand Virgin Mobile that says “GRRF! WFT!… seriously Rogers. What’s the Fee?”.

Always putting things so eloquently, Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Mobile Canada said, “I’d like to congratulate Rogers for removing one fee that never made sense, but I’m perplexed to hear that they’ve replaced it with another equally confusing one. I suppose that they hoped by putting ‘Government’ in the title that people would assume the fee is legitimate. It clearly states in Rogers’ own advertising fine print that ‘It is not a tax or charge that the government requires Rogers to collect.‘ Are they deliberately trying to mislead the public?”

Virgin Mobile said they’ll approach relevant industry authorities to discuss its concerns and the establishment of more stringent standards to protect consumers. Branson continues the rant by saying “We encourage Rogers to think again. Canadians are smarter than that and they deserve to be treated better. At Virgin Mobile we don’t make up fees and we’re always clear about what our customers are being charged for.”