Review: Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset

Bell exclusively released the Jabra Stone Bluetooth headset, this is available for $149.95 and might be a good idea as more provinces are banning the use of hand held devices while driving.

With the Stone you almost get it all. Finally a Bluetooth that is stylish all the way around… the actual earpiece and even the charging/carrying case has a unique design to it. It looks like a stone, hence the name. The overall dimensions are pleasing: 2.3 x 2.0 x 1.0 inch and weighs a measly 0.25 ounces. You’ll see in the video how small it actually is.

Like any Bluetooth headset it’s a bit difficult to show it on video, but testing it over the past day or so in different conditions such as a busy mall, outside, inside and driving proved to have consistent clarity when speaking/listening. Using the Stone is simple as to answer a call you tap once on the controls, redial is 2 taps and reject the call you hold down. Another great features of the Stone is the ability to connect up to 2 devices (maybe personal/business) and the easy motion of adjusting the volume is by swiping your finger up and down the ear peace. I’m still testing the battery life of this accessory but it seems to last for a decent amount of use so far.

The major downside is the fact that it’s only fits the right ear. Those who feel more comfortable with their headset on the left are out of luck, or will have to get comfortable with the right side. Check out the video for a quick overview… we’ll follow up soon with updates of the battery life, streaming music