Nokia CEO says “our company faces a remarkably disruptive time”… cuts 1,800 jobs

Nokia has announced their quarterly results and they shipped 110.4 million devices (83.9 million were mobile phones and 26.5 million were smartphones), revenue increased by 5% to 10.3 billion EUR… but all this was tarnished as Nokia stated they plan to again “accelerate its transformation and increase effectiveness” by cutting another 1,800 jobs. The job losses are mainly from Ovi services and those working on product creation for Symbian smartphones.

New CEO Stephen Elop stated that “In the five weeks since joining Nokia, I have found a company with many great strengths and a history of achievement that are second to none in the industry. And yet our company faces a remarkably disruptive time in the industry, with recent results demonstrating that we must reassess our role in and our approach to this industry.”

Source: Nokia
Via: Engadget