Rogers Palm Pre 2 images surface

Last week HP officially announced that the Palm Pre 2 was coming to Canada “in the coming months”, but gave no insight into which carrier was going to carry the device. Then hidden in the source code on the Palm Canada site was “The Palm Pre2 phone is available on the Rodger’s network”. We can now confirm that this new webOS 2.0 device will in fact be coming to Rogers as one of our tipsters sent us the upcoming packaging with Rogers all over it. In addition, taking a look at the pics you’ll see the Pre 2 all hooked up to Rogers network. We’re still waiting on an official launch date and pricing. Check out the pics after the break…

Update: Rumoured pricing/launch date – not confirmed – could be the following: November 9th launch date with the 3-year voice/data contract being $99.99. Again, not confirmed.

Update #2: We’ve been asked to take the images down. Just know it’s coming soon… who’s excited to be getting the new Palm device?