TELUS Q3 2010 results take subscriber numbers to 6,852,000

Following Rogers and Bell announcing their Q3 results is TELUS… and they have increased Q3 wireless revenues by 6.3% to $1.29 billion. Data revenue was a big gain yet again at 29% to bring the Q3 total to $291 million. The cause of the increase is due to the increase adoption of smartphones (specifically “by iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices”) and internet sticks. TELUS added 153,000 subscribers (increase of 0.8%) of which 132,000 were postpaid. This brings their total number of subscribers to 6,852,000. In addition, ARPU (average revenue per subscriber unit) declined by 1.2% to $58.75 compared to Q3 last year.

There are no firm number of the new entrants but comparing the Big 3: Rogers subscriber numbers reached $8.9 million, Bell totaled 7,125,266 and TELUS at 6,852,000.

More numbers of TELUS Q3 here