Public Mobile gives $24 plan more add-on features

Public Mobile has 2 Unlimited plans to choose from: a $40 and a $24 plan. Over the past couple months we’ve seen them offer promos that gave the first 2months of service for free… but while other new carriers are significantly dropping their monthly price plans it seems they are the only one who have remained stable in their pricing model. In fact, they keep adding features and giving more choice.

Today they have zoned in on the low-cost $24 plan to include the ability to add new add-ons. It used to be that the only add on was voice mail and call display (for a high $8/month) but now you can include the following to this plan:
– $10 add on for unlimited text
– $5 add on for Canada long distance
– $10 add on for Canada & US long distance
– $15 add on for overseas LD to 45 countries

If you do decide to get the $24 plan and pick an add-on… you might want to consider paying the $40 because it’ll be cheaper in the long run.

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