$599.99 “Fortunatus” app basically puts an image of a diamond on your BlackBerry

What would you pay to have an image of a diamond appear on the screen of your BlackBerry? Nothing? A buck or two? How about an enormous $599.99 (USD)!! That’s right, the “Fortunatus” app by Sander Staal has made it into the BlackBerry App world. These are the same people that have created the “Death Calculator”.

As for the “Fortunatus” app, it’s described as “Do you have a lot of money?? Than Fortunatus is something for you! When you start Fortunatus you will see a picture of a beautiful diamond. You can show this diamond to your friends to show you are rich. It is also possible to chat with your fellow wealthy colleagues whom also bought the program. The chat function shows real-time how many other wealthy people are using the chat function at that moment. Look at the screenshots to see exactly what it does, and remember, what you see on the screenshots is what you get, nothing more.”

Just an image ties in with other rich people who are BBMing each other. If this version is too much for you to dish out then you’ll be happy to know that there is a “rough” version of this app available for only $19.99 (USD) – it’s called “Rough Fortunatus” and “is the cheap version of Fortunatus. It gives you the possibility to show your friends the rough diamond”.

Bizarre. Check it out here at the BlackBerry App World
Source: BerryReview