Video: Throw test of the OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series Case

We got this OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series Case for review and just like all the other OtterBox cases they are well thought out. Access to the buttons/ports are all there and comfortable – but the case will add an extra 60 grams of weight. The good thing about this case is that it can protect you from almost anything – drops, bumps, and shock (not water). In typical OtterBox style the case is made up of 3 materials that protect your beloved device: Clear protective membrane on touch screen, a polycarbonate shell and silicone skin.

To test this out I grabbed my iPhone 4 and chucked it several times down my street. Actually it was 3 times and it went about 15 feet in the air and about 15 feet in distance. So way beyond than the normal day-to-day bump or drop. Check out the video after the break

You can purchase the OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series Case here ($50)