Virgin releases “Tablet Flexi-Data” Plans

Virgin has now joined the other carriers and released a Tablet plan, theirs is called the “Tablet Flexi-Data Plan”. As you can see by the internal doc we received there are a couple options that are “only available through the purchase of a Virgin Mobile SIM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Micro-SIM for the Apple iPad”. Looks like Virgin is stepping up their plans but there is no official confirmation that Samsung Galaxy Tab will be sold directly through them yet.

In the meantime you can activate your own tablet at a Virgin store and here are the details for the “Tablet Flexi-Data Plan”: $20/month gets you up to up to 500MB Data and $35/month gets you 501MB up to 5GB Data.

In addition, here are even more important details to know:
• If you go over 500 MB you are automatically moved up to the $35 plan
• Data overage rate of 1.5¢/MB (available on a pay-per-use rate after 5GB)
• Tethering in Canada is included
• U.S. data roaming and/or tethering in $3/MB on a pay-per-use rate
• This plan is only available on a month-to-month term
• There is no one-time $35 activation fee with this plan

Wonder if Koodo will now follow…
(Thanks tipster!)