CRTC fines telemarketer $500,000 for violating Do Not Call list

The CRTC created their “National Do-Not-Call List” over 2-years ago with the goal of having Canadians register so pesky telemarketers will stop calling you. Over 7 million people have signed up but the calls keep coming in. It was also revealed back in July that the CRTC charged a total of $73,000 worth of violations but only collected $250.

However on Friday that number received a massive boost by Xentel DM Inc. as they have agreed to dish out half a million dollars for violating the National Do Not Call List. In a press release it stated that “The CRTC has issued a notice of violation, and Xentel has paid an administrative monetary penalty of $500,000 to the Receiver General for Canada. A CRTC investigation found that Xentel made calls to consumers who had registered their numbers on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) and promoted events on its own behalf or on the behalf of organizations that were not registered as charities with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Finally some real money coming in. In addition to paying the fines, Xentel stated they would publish corrective notices on their website and in some newspapers… plus start to “properly” train their employees.

Source: CRTC
Via: Vancouver Sun