Concept: One device that runs multiple operating systems

There has been hundreds of concept devices and some of them are incredibly unique and thought provoking. But what if the manufacturer worked out a deal with various mobile platforms to have a couple available on a single device. Take HTC for example, one of the biggest manufacturers who supports both Android and Windows Phone 7. Imagine if you could easily flip back and forth between OS’s as you wish.

This is a concept that designers Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat created. They state that their concept idea can support 2 or 3 OS’s. Taking a look at the image they created it shows an HTC device with “an extra touch display situated under the main screen… This extra screen could be used either to display notifications or be used for specific OS buttons (e.g. home, search etc.).”

It’s a great idea but unfortunately it’ll never happen in the near future (would be great for the consumer/business person). The competition between mobile OS players such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, BlackBerry, HP/Palm, Nokia is heating up. Manufacturers are not only competing to get their platform in your hands but also their app store. Imagine having several app stores on one device.

Source: Yanko Design