Twitter CEO: “40 percent of all tweets created on mobile devices”

Twitter is quickly becoming a powerful medium to quickly communicate. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was being interviewed by Kara Swisher at the AllThingsD event at CES and revealed a staggering mobile stat. Costello stated that “Mobile is a more and more and more common use of Twitter–40 percent of all tweets created on mobile devices. That might seem low, but it was 25 percent a year ago. 50 percent of active users are also active on mobile.”

Back on December 10 Twitter posted a note on their bog that over the past 12 months “Twitter users sent an astonishing 25 billion Tweets”. So this means that 10 billion tweets are from mobile devices. Another interesting stat that Twitter announced a couple days ago was an all-time record in the number of Tweets sent per second (TPS) of 6,939. This occurred in Japan on January 1st with “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu” (“Happy New Year!”).

Source: All Things D