GO Transit launches text message updates

If you’re one of the 55 million passengers a year that take GO Transit then you’ll be happy to know they have finally added the ability to send a text message with any important info. I thought by now an app would have been created but one step at a time. To get this service you’ll have to sign up via their website and the info that will be sent to your mobile is about service improvements, new schedules, service status updates and station updates.

It looks like the supported carriers are Bell, Fido, TELUS, Solo, Koodo, Rogers, Virgin, MTS and SaskTel. Reading over the terms and conditions state that “The number of text messages you will receive per week will vary depending on the number of alerts you subscribed to and the number of service disruption. Since you will be responsible for paying these charges, you may wish to carefully select how often you want to receive text messages. The limit of individual text messages is 136 characters. An extensive service alert might mean receiving 3 or 4 text messages, followed by at least one other informing you that the alert incident is over.”

Check it here at GO