TELUS to start unlocking devices on February 15th for $50

Late last year TELUS announced they’ll offer customers the option to “unlock” their devices for a fee sometime in early 2011. Good news has come forth as February 15th is the date for this program to start and it’ll cost you $50. TELUS will be releasing complete instructions on how to unlock your device along with a full list of devices that will be available to become unlocked, the iPhone will not be on the list. In addition, even though your phone can be unlocked the contract term is still in place unless you pay the cancellation fee.

Brent Johnson, Telus vice-president, mobility solutions said “If people want to get a subsidy they can get a locked-in contract but they don’t have to have a locked-in phone… It gives people greater flexibility for instances where, for example, they are at the end of a contract and they want to give their phone to someone else, that phone would work on any network including Telus. If you are travelling internationally, perhaps going to Europe for an extended period of time you can unlock your phone and buy a prepaid SIM card from a local carrier and enjoy local rates when you are travelling.”

Update: A press release just went out. “Customers subscribing to a monthly plan (postpaid) and using an active and eligible SIM-based device for a minimum of 90 days will be eligible to have their device unlocked for a fee of $50. “

Source: Vancouver Sun