Wind claims a 3-year savings of $6,129.95 over “Robelus”

Wireless competition is more rabid than ever – it happens all day every day. All the carriers go after each other to claim who is the fastest, largest, most reliable, who has the fewest dropped calls, cheaper plans, more affordable handsets and best customers service. Recently Mobilicity stated to potential customers that they shouldn’t be “screwed” by “Robelus” (Rogers, Bell and TELUS) and now WIND Mobile has created a chart that shows a total savings over a 3-year period of $6,129.95 when compared to Robelus (with a plan and the Bold 9780).

This chart also promotes the new $45/month “My Unstoppable” plan and compares it to a $100/month “Robelus” plan. The My Unstoppable plan has Unlimited Data, Canada-wide calling, Canada/US picture messaging, Unlimited global texting, Voicemail, Caller ID, Missed call alerts, Call Waiting, Call hold, Call forwarding and Conference calling.

Check it here at WIND